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Improving the engagement between streamers and fans…

  • Interactive gaming platform
  • Shared economy, fans will earn too
  • Supports streamers through digital cards
Coming soon

The first play-and-earn fantasy game based on actors, that allows players (videogamers, Twitch fans, casual gamers) to create virtual teams with digital playing cards featuring Twitch’s most popular and otherwise popular content creators, and compete against each other in a league format.

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Playerself Plaza

Buy, sell and exchange with other supporters in complete safety and in a few simple clicks. Choose from over 1,000 digital cards for a single creator with powerful utilies! Depending on the card’s categorization, from Common, to Legendary, only a set number of cards is issued every season. 

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Habemus Score Engine!

We validate the world’s first multi-variable scoring algorithm for Twitch. The Score Engine analyzes all live variables such as followers, number of viewers, and timing. We see truly incredible potential in the Score Engine. How it works and how accurately it opens the door to endless opportunities.

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